The roof and chimney are vital protective elements for any home, preventing moisture from entering both the house and the fireplace. Naturally, it’s important to ensure they’re doing their job properly, free of any leaks that might lead to water making its way inside and causing damage, ranging from corrosion up to major water damage and the formation of harmful mold.

At Cypress Metals, we can help you keep your chimney secure at all times using our chimney pans. These pans can prevent major structural issues that take place when your chimney has a leak that you haven’t noticed, including drywall, insulation and structural beams. Here’s some basic information on our chimney pans, why you need them, and how they compare to related products.

Chimney Pan vs. Chimney Cap

A chimney pan is related to a chimney cap, but these are not the same things. A chimney cap is an item that’s placed over the mouth of the chimney (also called the flue), with the goal of stopping any water from entering the chimney through this opening. Chimney caps are generally made from stainless steel or copper, with mesh on the sides that also prevents birds, pests or other animals from making their way in.

A chimney pan, on the other hand, covers the entire surface of the top of the chimney. It’s used for prefabricated or factory-built fireplaces that have their own metal chimneys – it’s somewhat similar to a chimney crown, only made using stainless steel instead of cement. Think of the chimney cap as a top piece that attaches to the pan itself; when water runs off the cap, it falls into the pan, where it’s protected from seeping into masonry or getting into the space between your chimney and the flue.

Why do you need a Pan ?

In many cases, the big choice for homeowners with a chimney is between a pan and a crown. The biggest difference here is that pans are made of stainless steel rather than concrete – this makes them more water-resistant, due to the fact that concrete is permeable by water and stainless steel is not. In many cases, chimney pans can actually be used to cover old concrete crowns that have cracked or are no longer waterproof.

Does your home already have a chimney pan? Be aware that this item needs to be changed from time to time as well. Rain pans are very durable, but they can still rust or be damaged over time. If not, corrosion and water damage is easily possible. If you haven’t checked your pan in a while, consider giving it a look and considering a replacement from Cypress Metals if it’s worn down at all.

High-Quality Chimney Services

At Cypress Metals, we’re proud to offer the highest quality chimney pans available. We can customize pans to your desires in color, size and shape, bringing you quality products that also add value to your home. Speak to our pros today about the chimney pan options we have available for you.