Crown Moldings: The Secret to a Charming Home

Your home’s architectural features dictate its overall feel and appeal. From the material used on your roof to the types of plants on your lawn, all these things sum up your property’s beauty. But there is one thing that gives it a unique charm: crown moldings.

A Boost in Visual Presence

Crown moldings add an air of vigor and refinement in your property. These additions that go around your fascia possess a unique visual impact no other addition can match. It complements the roof style of your property and ties the overall look together. This is the impact of a crown molding: a boost in visual presence through that upscale feel it provides.

The glamorizing effect leads to better curb appeal – and, by extension, higher property value. When you look at moldings this way, you cannot deny the value of this architectural feature.

Key Considerations for Crown Moldings

When deciding on a crown molding, you have to consider three important factors: dimension, design, and material.

The first one is all about the height, width, and length of your roof and your home. You have to take into account the height of the ceiling and the width the roof encompasses when deciding on a design.

Speaking of design, you have to ensure that the design you are choosing fits your home’s theme appropriately. This means thinking about the form and pattern on the moldings.

Lastly, decide on the material that fits your home and your personality. You might want to consider going for steel or copper, as these two materials look neutral on any color palette and render a unique, dramatic charm.

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