Cupolas & Finials

We like to call both of these products the “Ultimate hood ornament for your roof”

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Standard Colors

  • Bone White
  • Slate Gray
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Sierra Tan
  • Medium Bronze
  • Dark Bronze
  • Matte Black
  • Mansard Brown
  • Silver Metallic
  • Classic Copper


Cupolas add a unique look to any home. They give the home a look of elegance that sets a home apart from the rest. We have the styles and colors that meet anyone’s tastes so give us a call and allow us to help you find the perfect accent to your home. Upgrade the look of your home with a customized cupola.

The Tudor

The Tudor has a bold look that demands attention. The Tudor has vents on all four sides which also adds to the unique look of this Cupola.

The Pueblo

The Pueblo has an almost rustic look with a pyramid type roof. It has a durable design that will withstand the elements.

The Romanesque

The Romanesque has an almost antique feel with a shorter triangular roof and copper mesh screening. Its unique design sets it apart from all other Cupolas.


Our finials make a distinctive statement to your new architectural project. They are hand crafted by our in-house technicians. Our soldering methods result in solid and watertight seams. All our finials are made with the highest quality 16 or 20 oz copper. You can choose from our expertly crafted selection of original designs or we can work with you to modify or create a final that meets your specifications. Our copper finials will add that decorative accent you are looking for!