Range Hoods

Range Hoods can either add or detract from the overall look of your home. We have styles in the colors and materials that will compliment your home. Call for details and pricing information.

Our traditional style vent hoods are anything but typical. They are generally made of Bronze, Copper and/or Steel with a patina (an aging process). You would find these hoods in anything from Victorian to contemporary styles. Each range hood is custom made to fit… whether a remodel or new construction.

The texture and color of Copper can be used to create an almost unlimited amount of combinations. Glenn has always enjoyed working with copper; it is his favorite traditional material. Deemed to be the “Living Metal”, copper is the most diverse of all the metals that we use. Our traditional style vent hoods offer many different finishes ranging from smooth to heavily distressed. Glenn has created most of the processes that he uses to pull very deep and rich color from the material.



  • Built a custom to each homeowners desired design.
  • Standard Rangehoods are between 3′ W x 5′ T. (Every Kitchen is Different)
  • Most common materials used: Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Etc.


Must contact for more information.

Rangehoods are built custom for every order