We custom make steel siding panels in a variety of colors. 

Steel can make an attractive option as a siding material for a number of reasons. Primarily it is known for it’s durability and strength. It resists the dings and dents that have plagued vinyl and aluminum siding. When compared with wood siding it also has no issues with moisture or insects. Steel siding can last for decades if properly maintained. It can last 20 years without repainting and can last many times longer with simple regular maintenance to seal any scratches that might begin to cause rust

While maligned for years because of it’s perceived aesthetic inferiority, steel siding is experiencing a bit of a renaissance with modern home designs. As you can see below contemporary designs often take advantage of steel siding for it’s clean lines and “green” benefits. Steel siding is considered especially green because it is made up of a very high percentage of recycled materials.

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