How Metal Roofs Help With Energy Efficiency

In today’s day and age, energy efficiency is an important buzzword across numerous industries. This is with good reason, too – our ability to use technology to continuously improve our sustainable practices is important for maintaining the environment.

At Cypress Metals, we’re here to help when it comes to making your home more energy efficient. Our metal roofing solutions offer several fantastic energy benefits, whether we’re talking about the roof itself or the siding, cupolas, window covers or several other areas. Let’s look at how your roof plays a role in your home’s energy use, plus how metal roofing can help you maximize your savings here.

Roofs and Energy Standards

Your home’s roof has a huge impact on your energy use. It helps define your heating, air and electric concerns throughout the home, plus plays a role in how much sunlight and resulting heat makes its way into the home. For this reason, energy is an area you absolutely must consider when thinking about a new roof.

Not only is this the smart approach to take, it’s becoming mandated by law in many areas. The state of California, for instance, has already passed a law stating that starting in 2020, all new construction homes must include some form of solar power collection installed. Many other states and localities are looking at similar laws, too.

Energy Savings from Metal Roofing

Metal roofs can reduce your home electric and heating costs by as much as 20 percent in some cases compared to other roof types. Here are some ways this is possible:

  • Recyclability: Most metal roofs are very high in recyclable content, upwards of 90 percent in most cases.
  • Weight: Metal roofing is light compared to other types, allowing it to be shipped faster and reduce related energy costs.
  • Durability: Other roofing types may not last as long as metal roofs, and this means you need replacements more often. This, in turn, requires more energy to manufacture, ship and install your new roof.
  • Reflection: Many metal roofs come with reflective pigments, which move radiant heat away from the home as needed.
  • Venting: It’s very easy to vent metal roofs, which helps you move heat or cold away from the attic space to reduce the load on your HVAC system.
  • Airspace: If you install shingle metal roofs, these often come with integrated airspace between the metal itself and the roof deck. This space stops heat transfer from the roof to the structure, much like a double-pane window would.
  • Over-top installation: Metal roofs are great for installing over insulated roof decks or attic spaces, as they do not undergo and degrading process from the loss of heat passage.

Harnessing Energy

Metal roofs aren’t only great for those looking to conserve energy – they’re great for those looking to harness and generate their own. Metal is a fantastic base for solar panel installation; in some cases, this takes nothing more than basic fasteners to accomplish. Metal is also a perfect substitute for “thin film” within solar collection.

For more on how metal roofs help you save energy, or to learn about any of our metal fabrication services, speak to the pros at Cypress Metalstoday.