It’s Fall, Prepare Your Metal Roof for Salt Lake City Snow, Part 1

As the weather in Salt Lake City cools and the leaves begin to change color, many home and business owners start thinking about fall maintenance tasks. Preventive maintenance is the best way to ensure your roof lasts. By taking care of your roof now before the cold and snow arrive, you can help prevent costly leaks and more expensive repairs in the future.

Cypress Metals has been providing quality metal fabrication services to the Salt Lake City area for over 30 years. We’re proud to be a full-service metal fabrication shop that can handle everything from commercial roofing and glazing to custom metal work. In this two-part blog series, we’ll discuss tips you need to know to prepare your metal roof for inclement weather conditions in Utah.

Prepare Your Metal Roof

Get Your Roof Inspected

One important item on the list should be a professional evaluation of your roof’s condition. An experienced roofing contractor can safely identify potential trouble spots, point out needed maintenance and recommend proper repairs for minor problems before they turn into serious issues.

If a replacement is needed, do your homework, and check out resources. Look for worry-free options like metal roofs that will last for decades, hold up to climate extremes and deliver low-maintenance reliability to maximize long-term savings.

Clean Your Gutters

The fall is an ideal time to clean your gutters. With the leaves falling from the trees, it’s a good opportunity to remove any debris that has accumulated in your gutters over the course of the year. Not only will this help to keep your gutters clear, but it will also reduce the risk of water damage to your structure.

In addition, cleaning your gutters in the fall can help to prevent ice dams from forming in the winter. This will help to ensure that melting snow can drain properly, reducing the risk of water seeping into your building.

Clean Up Dirt and Debris

Moss growth on roofing material is a common issue in cooler climates where there is more moisture in the air. If you don’t have a metal roof, moss can cause rot and displaced singles, which can lead to leaks and other damage.

When choosing a roofing material for a home in a climate prone to moss growth, it is important to choose a material that is smooth and easy to clean. Metal roofs are a great option for Salt Lake City residents because they shed debris more easily and resist moss growth without using harsh chemicals.

Trim Your Trees

Trees can be a beautiful addition to any property, but it’s important to keep them trimmed and away from the roof. Doing so will help keep gutters clean and is a good safety precaution. Especially in areas like Utah that experience strong winds, snow, or ice. Broken branches can damage roofs, so it’s best to keep them trimmed back.

Don’t wait until problems arise – a little proactive care now can save you a lot of time, money, and worry down the road. In the next blog post, we’ll discuss additional ways to get your roof ready for winter in Utah.

If you’re looking for a metal roofing shop in the Salt Lake City area, that you can trust, contact Cypress Metals. We’ll be happy to help you with all your metal roofing needs.