At Cypress Metals, we’re proud to offer a number of valuable protective metal products and services to clients in several fields. From roof and chimney protection items like chimney caps to custom siding and much more, our professionals are experienced at crafting the materials you need to keep buildings and other structures protected.

One great example of our protective services is our parapet caps, which accent a parapet wall or barrier. What is a parapet wall, and how do these caps help protect them? Here are some basics.

Parapet Basics

A parapet, or parapet wall, refers to any barrier that’s an extension of the wall at the edge of a suspended structure. Such structures include roofs, terraces, walkways, balconies and similar types. In some cases, a parapet simply refers to the part of an exterior wall that continues above the roof’s surface. In others, it could be a continuation of a vertical feature underneath a roof – a firewall is one good example of a parapet.

There are four distinct types of parapet:

Parapet Caps

Parapet walls are particularly common in buildings that have flat roofs in certain areas, particularly for the storage of air conditioners or other large items. Due to the flatness of the roof, these parapet walls could be at risk of significant leaking and corrosion issues if they aren’t protected.

That’s where parapet caps come in. They come in a variety of different shapes – our Cypress Metals professionals can craft them into any measurement you need. Standard lengths tend to be 10 inches or 12 inches, though this can vary based on your needs. These are commonly used by everyone from handy homeowners to contractors, roofers and other professionals who deal with parapet walls regularly.

As an added benefit, parapet caps add some style to many parapet wall areas. They’re the perfect accent, sleek and smooth pieces that give even the lesser-used areas of a building a modern look. Combined with their functionality, they’re a must for parapet walls on flat surfaces.

High-Quality Materials

At Cypress Metals, we’re here to provide you with the highest quality parapet caps available. Our professionals can cut your caps to fit your exact specifications, with years of experience providing these caps for various building and wall types. To keep your home or business protected in all areas, call our professionals today and find out what we can do for you.

Ridge & Parapet Caps

Parapet and ridge caps are just another example of the types of work Cypress Metals can do! These type of caps are a great way to accent a wall.