Reinventing Beauty: Exterior Accessories to Amplify Home Design

When it comes to home designs most of us tend to look at the big things from the color of the roof to the surrounding landscape. Sometimes it’s not only the big things that matter; the small things count as well.

Before you decide on major makeovers, you might want to add some of these simple things and see how they amplify your home designs.

Steel Siding to Rock Your Exterior

No other exterior accessory can play such a big a role in your home design as steel siding. With a smooth, untarnished finish, it gives a new definition to modern architectural designs. Dent, insect, moisture, and fire resistant, steel siding can offer ample protection for your home from some of the most common problems. When properly maintained, it can last for as long as 50 years with minimal touch-ups every 20 years or so.

Soffit and Fascia to Protect Your Eaves

If you’re looking for a classic touch to your exterior, upgrading your soffit and fascia can be a great option. These offer additional protection to your eaves, ensuring birds, insect, or rainwater won’t enter the small space between your roof and gutter. Soffit and fascia add more than just a visual accent to your exteriors; they often play a critical role in ventilating your attic and should be kept clear at all times to prevent ventilation difficulties and roof damage.

Covers to Accentuate Your Bay Windows

A little bit of creativity goes a long way when dressing up your bay windows, and covers offer the perfect accent. Bay window steel covers highlight the natural charm of your exteriors and provide a unique personality to your home design. With their smooth finish and matching colors, these accents can revive the old-world beauty of your bay windows.

Who says you need extravagant renovations to make your home stand out? Sometimes, even the smallest details can leave a memorable impression and provide the biggest impact on your home’s aesthetics.

For more information about exterior accessories, contact Cypress Metals. We have the expertise and technology to provide outstanding exterior products for your home.