Value of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication: Durability, Lifespan

When it comes to the industrial world, there are numerous processing needs that may come with varying metals you’re working with. When it comes to sheet metal specifically, there are several reasons why working with custom metal fabricators is far superior to using mass-produced or other cookie-cutter solutions.

At Cypress Metals, we’re proud to offer a wide range of metal fabrication process, including for items like roofing and run outs that often require sheet metal fabrication. Why are our services, and those of other custom metal fabricators, the absolute apex of quality in the sheet metal world? Here are some specifics in this two-part blog series.

custom sheet metal fabrication lifespan


Simply put, custom-fabricated sheet metal is exponentially more durable than mass-produced run of the mill metals. Why? First, typically you’re not limited to one thickness – for example, our typical sheet metal purchases are anywhere between 22 and 26 gauge in thickness. For ease of reference, that’s .022 inches up to .026 inches in terms of thickness. However, these measurements can be tweaked to your specific needs.

Typically, mass-produced metals are limited to a thickness of around 24 gauge (0.5mm), which is a majorly slim 0.005 inches difference! Why make the extra effort – it’s not going to make or break anything, right? Quite simply, this difference in thickness varies based on your usage scenarios. For example, if you’re only going to be working with your metal indoors, then 24 gauge may not be a problem. However, if your project calls for outdoor usage of the metals, then their durability will of course decrease exponentially.

In addition to that difference in thickness comes an important factor – quality of material. Most mass-produced metals are made from a B20 alloy. This alloy is fine for most projects, but should something more specific come along that requires a better quality metal, other metals may not be a viable option – again, due to the specificity of other metals being produced in bulk.


As a result of their improved durability, custom-fabricated sheet metals can withstand the test of time – including whatever elements you may be working with. For outdoor projects, this means the difference between continuing to look brand new or rusting out after a few years in the elements.

You can get even further life out of your products by choosing properly between galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel materials — yet another area where working with a custom metal fabrication shop can help. Trying to make these choices on your own can end up badly, especially if you’re inexperienced with metal fabrication and don’t know how these should be chosen between.

For more on why custom sheet metal fabricators are far superior to mass-produced options, speak to the staff at Cypress Metals today.