Value of Metal-Cut Signs: Applications, Metal Types, Maintenance

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on the value of metal-cut signs for many businesses and entities. Precision metal cutting with lasers is used for numerous applications across various industries, and creating quality signage is just one of them.

At Cypress Metals, we’re here to offer the very best laser precision metal cutting services available in Utah, providing clients with several different possible applications — including signage. What are some of the other reasons why metal signage is a top consideration for many business owners and others who need signs? Here are some basics to consider.

metal-cut signs applications

Compatibility and Applications

Many signs sit in conditions that require very high levels of damage resistance and durability, and in some cases metal is the only material that can meet these needs. Other materials may not be as weather-resistant, durable, or long lasting as metal signage. In addition, metal signage is often the most visible and legible type of signage in a variety of conditions.

For this reason, you often see custom metal signs in specific applications where others will not do. Many companies in the transportation realm, for instance, will often use metal signs for things like directional signage, for identifying parking areas, and for other needs. These signs need to be highly visible and able to stand up to a lot of wear and tear — making them the ideal option in many cases.

Other areas where they’re often used include aerospace and agriculture, both of which have conditions that are tough on signs. If you need a sign that will last for years in any environment and still look great, metal is often the best way to go.

Different Types of Metals

You also have different options when it comes to the type of metal used for your sign. Different metals offer different looks and levels of durability, and you can choose the one that will work best for your needs.

For instance, aluminum is a common choice for signage because it is durable and has a clean look. It’s also non-magnetic, so it won’t be affected by magnets or other magnetic fields. Steel is another popular option because it is very durable and can be recycled easily. Stainless steel is a good choice for areas that are humid or salty, as it won’t rust like other metals can.

Limited Maintenance Requirements

Finally, especially when compared to other common sign materials like wood or plastic, metal signage requires very little in the way of ongoing maintenance. While it’s still a good idea to clean it periodically and check for damage, most metal signs will last for years without any need for special care.

When you’re looking for a sign that will last long and look great no matter what, laser-cut metal is likely your best bet. For more on our laser cutting or press brake services, or to learn about any of our other metal fabrication solutions, speak to the team at Cypress Metals today.