Vital Safety Precautions for Metal Fabricators, Part 1

As with any industry where heavy items and potentially hazardous machinery are used on a regular basis, safety is a vital concern for those in the metal fabrication world. Precision metal cutting, shearing and various fabrication services carry risks if they are not performed correctly and with proper safety precautions taken.

At Cypress Metals, we take great pride in the safety measures taken throughout our facilities and services, from fabricated chimney covers and caps to our laser cutting areas, sheet metal fabrication and many others. In fact, many top clients in the fabrication realm will even investigate a given manufacturer’s safety practices, which are often an indicator of overall quality. With this in mind, our two-part blog series beginning today will dig into some of the vital safety precautions that must be taken by any metal fabricator, from materials and equipment to training and other important themes.

safety precautions metal fabricators

Equipment and Guards

First and foremost, it’s essential for any metal fabricator to have the proper safety equipment and guards present in their facility at all times. This begins with the presence of important features like safety guards, emergency shutoff switches and protective equipment for all employees (plus extras on hand).

In addition, at Cypress Metals, we place significant weight on organization and a general culture of safety. Employees are trained to always keep tools or pieces of equipment in their proper location, plus to ensure no scrap metal or other materials build up in the wrong places. We always stack boxes or store heavy equipment out of walkways, plus in areas that are safe for employee access.

Workforce Education and Training

We mentioned training a moment ago, and it’s another vital piece of this puzzle. All the best safety equipment in the world will only do so much if the individuals using it are not trained on how to properly do so.

This involves specific training on all equipment or tools through licensed trainers. Not only should employees be trained on the proper usage of a given piece of equipment, but also its safety hazards and all precautions to take while the item is in use. Employees should also be trained on basic facility practices in terms of storage, posture and other simple areas.

Employee Satisfaction

Another area you may not necessarily connect to employee safety, but one that has several direct links, is employee satisfaction. We’re referring here not only to a positive, friendly work environment, but also to areas like good health coverage, positive relationships between managers and staffers, and other related themes. Employees who feel safe and cared for will be more consistent in their work across the board, from production levels to safety practices.

For more on how quality metal fabricators like ours at Cypress Metal maintain safety at all times, or to learn about any of our metal fab services, speak to our staff today.