What You Need to Know About Laser Cutting in Utah

The gas laser cutting process was first invented in 1964, and it has been improving ever since. From automobile parts to medical devices to jewelry making, laser cutting has countless industrial uses. Here’s everything you need to know about how laser cutting in Salt Lake City can help your business.

What You Need to Know About Laser Cutting in Utah

What Are the Benefits of Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is highly precise and is able to cut to the exact specifications of even a very complex computer generated design. Although plasma is able to cut through thicker metals, laser cutting is much more precise and uses less energy.

Another benefit of laser cutting over traditional cutting methods is that unlike a blade, the laser cannot dull or wear down during use. The cut will be as sharp and precise as it can be throughout the process.

Laser cutting also lowers production costs over time, so the cost will also be lower to the consumer. Plus, because human intervention is needed very little to operate laser cutting machines, human error is highly unlikely to occur during metal cutting.

Best of all, laser cutting is quick. If your company is in a time crunch, laser cutting is one of the fastest ways to get the job done on time.

How Does Laser Cutting Work?

The beam of light used in a laser cutting is made of extremely high intensity light. This light is usually infra-red and is emitted from the machine’s nozzle at the same time as compressed gas. The light travels through the laser resonator, which is what creates the beam of light we know as the laser.

Lasers are able to melt and partially or completely vaporize the metal being worked on. This is what happens when the laser cuts the metal to your specifications. But how can light cut metal?

Before a laser beam is emitted from the machine’s nozzle, it passes through a special lens that focuses the laser’s light in one tiny spot. This spot of light is incredibly dense and powerful, which is what generates enough heat to melt or vaporize certain materials.

Your Source for Laser Metal Cutting in Utah

Cypress Metals is all about minimizing costs for customers, which is why we have a 3K Fiber Laser that will expertly cut your designs. Our state-of-the-art machines are able to cut certain thicknesses of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. Cypress Metals even has a laser cutting instant quote system at your disposal to help you create your design digitally. This user-friendly system is meant to help you translate your ideas from paper to the computer to make your design readable for our laser cutting machines.

Cypress Metals invested in these high-tech laser cutting machines for a reason — they want to help you grow your business. Visit Cypress Metals today for all of your laser metal cutting needs in Utah.