Why Fabrication Quality Control Matters to Clients

Within any mechanical industry or related field, quality control is one of the single most important areas for any manufacturer – and metal fabrication is no different. From safety areas to compliance and product effectiveness, there are several reasons why robust quality control programs for any metal fabricator are an absolute must.

At Cypress Metals, we’re happy to detail our quality control methods for any of our metal fabrication, laser cutting fabrication or other services. This information is important not only for our fabricators, but also for our clients as they seek to ensure their job is done correctly and in a timely fashion. Today’s blog will give you a primer on why quality control is important to us, some basics on the quality control manual we and other metal fabricators use on a regular basis, plus why this information matters not only to us, but to you as well.

fabrication quality control matters clients

Why Fabrication Quality Control Matters

There are several distinct reasons why robust, detailed quality control programs are vital for metal fabricators. They include:

  • Safety: First and foremost, fabrication products can be dangerous if they aren’t made correctly – both to fabricators and to eventual clients. Quality control ensures not only that fabricators are taking proper safety precautions during manufacturing, but also that products are up to code and will be safe for clients who receive them.
  • Consistency: Quality controls are also vital for the actual products themselves, particularly their effectiveness and consistency. Quality control processes ensure the client’s expectations will be met with precision, keeping both parties accountable.
  • Compliance: We mentioned compliance earlier – quality control helps ensure it within several code areas, including OSHA, ASME and the American Welding Society, among potential others.
  • Cost control: The proper safety and manufacturing standards being upheld, which takes place through quality control, will lead to cost savings for both manufacturers and clients.
  • Reputation: A fabricator’s business often relies in large part on reputation, and without quality control, they’re susceptible to drops in quality that will be reflected in the way they’re viewed.

Quality Control Manual

At Cypress Metals and virtually any other metal fabricator you may call on, we utilize a quality control manual that covers our entire facility in heavy detail. The manual standardizes and documents all our quality control practices, from procedures and basic systems to roles and relationships, safety methods and many others. We regularly audit our entire operation to make updates to the quality control manual, plus require new and old employees to remain up-to-speed on it at all times.

Importance to Fabricators and Clients

This area isn’t just important to us as fabricators – it should be important to you as a client as well, and you should never contract a metal fabricator without quality control procedures in place. A manual for quality control makes it far easier for us to communicate with our clients, for instance, as we can easily spell our all quality control processes to answer any questions you have and get you on the same page as our fabricators. Robust quality control systems give clients peace of mind for processes like welding and high temperatures, plus signal that we take this area seriously.

For more on any of our quality control methods or metal fabrication services, speak to the staff at Cypress Metals today.