Bay Window Covers

Bay windows are either square, round, or polygonal in plan and are usually associated with Victorian architecture as they first achieved widespread popularity in the 1870s. Bay windows are commonly used to provide the illusion of a larger room and to increase the flow of natural light into a room as well as provide panoramic views that would be impossible with an ordinary window.

A bay, bow, or box window is a gorgeous way to fill your home with natural light. But what about the bay window roof? A well designed and constructed copper bay window roof or copper bay window covers adds charm and character to the facade of your house, whereas a poorly constructed copper bow window roof can be a leaky nuisance and constant maintenance chore. To construct, layout, and install coppper bay window roofs and covers used to be an enormous obstacle for the do it yourselfer due to the complexity of the geometry. Not any more!


Bay Window Crown
The Antebellum Bay – Brown Steel
The Antebellum Bay
The Antebellum Bay
The Antebellum Bay
The Antebellum Bay
The Antebellum Bay
The Queen Anne - Copper
Bay Window Cover Copper
Bay Window Cover Copper


  • Awning style or roof style depending on the purpose.
  • Can build-in soffit to hide frames for free standing bays.
  • All Bays are built a custom to order, pricing varies. Please call for quote.
  • Most common materials used: Copper, Painted Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, etc.


The Antebellum

The Antebellum Bay portrays modern design with its sleek look. The Antebellum Bay has an internal frame and can be used as a window and door awning.

The Queen Anne

The Queen Anne Bay cover kit speaks of grace and beauty. The Queen Anne Bay cover kit is to be used with any framed bay window or door.