Metal Fab Welding Station Safety and Quality Control

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on welding stations within the metal fabrication world. Welding is one of the most important techniques within many fabrication and laser cutting setups, and those who are sourcing an ideal fabricator for any project need should be inquiring specifically about welding station qualities, safety and more.

At Cypress Metals, we’re happy to offer a wide range of custom metal fabrication services, from specific areas like chimneys and chimney caps to broader formats like sheet metal fabrication and many other types. We maintain quality welding stations and techniques at all times, ensuring both safety and the ultimate quality of your fabricated parts. Here are some other welding station areas you should be asking about when discussing plans with any metal fabricator.

metal fab welding station quality

Safety Factors

Safety is a vital factor within any welding project, both for the protection of those involved and also for the quality of the parts and control of production costs. There’s real ROI associated with ensuring strong safety methods, from protecting welders and fabricators to keeping processes more efficient.

Some of the risks that must be prevented for any worker performing welding on various metals used in fabrication include:

  • Spatter or burn marks on skin that’s exposed or unprotected.
  • Rashes or skin ulcers from exposure to chromium.
  • Cutting errors due to poor visibility, as a result of weld smoke.
  • Nosebleeds, sores or perforations in the nasal septum due to inhalation of harmful substances.
  • Asthma or lung issues from long-term weld smoke exposure.
  • Combustible gas buildup, which can lead to an explosion if not prevented.

Luckily, all of these concerns can be prevented through basic welding safety methods. Many involve wearing proper safety equipment, such as gloves and respirators. Others involve safety procedures and checks on important components to ensure there has been no damage or wear-down that might put anyone’s safety at risk. And as we noted, many of these procedures also double as important ways to ensure the welding station is working efficiently.

Quality Control

Both safety and other efficacy areas within welding will be covered as part of any good metal fabricator’s quality control (QC) program. Such programs will generally include:

  • Proper use of safety equipment, from gloves to masks, hoods and more.
  • Protection from falling object risks
  • Checking on welding aprons, gloves, or other protective elements for holes or other issues.
  • Inspection of goggles and face shields for any visibility impairments.
  • Selection of proper welding equipment, plus proper training for said equipment.

For more on the many factors that go into making a quality welding station for any metal fabricator, or to learn about our laser cutting, metal fab or any other services, speak to the staff at Cypress Metals today.