Value of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication: Fit, Salvaging, Ease of Use

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on the value of custom sheet metal fabrication for those who require it. Especially when compared to various mass-production methods, custom sheet metal fabrication offers far greater durability, lifespan and several other positive qualities.

At Cypress Metals, we’re happy to offer a variety of different metal fabrication services, including for items like chimneys, cupolas, finials and many others. What are some of the other reasons custom sheet metal fabrication is so much more valuable than other processes? Here’s a primer.

value custom sheet metal fabrication

Fit Assistance

If you’re working with mass-produced sheet metal parts, you’ll often find they don’t work or fit on a given machine or device, and might need to be further custom-fabricated by a trained metal fabrication professional. In some cases, the part you’re missing won’t even be produced anymore.

If you’re working with something that’s already been custom-fabricated from sheet metal, however, then you won’t run into these problems.

Old Equipment Salvaging

Rather than simply disposing of older equipment or machines, custom fabrication allows you to reverse-engineer the sheet metal parts for these machines. This way, you can use the custom-fabricated sheet metal parts to repair or further modify your equipment so it works properly again.

This is another area where mass-produced sheet metal parts just won’t do. If their dimensions aren’t perfect, they likely won’t fit the machine right and repairing or modifying it will be dangerous or impossible.

Simple Ease of Use

Especially when working with any custom-built parts as part of your project, you should know that custom-fabricated sheet metal parts are infinitely easier to use. They fit together and work with existing equipment and machinery seamlessly, whereas mass-produced sheet metal is very often built in a way that makes it impossible to work with off the shelf.

Consider the HVAC industry, for example, one area where custom fabrication is often performed. If an HVAC technician is working with a mass-produced part, it’s possible or even likely that it won’t fit the machine and cause serious problems.

With a custom fabricated part, on the other hand, everything works perfectly. Why is this? Mass-produced sheet metal parts are often made using automated manufacturing processes that don’t allow for the same degree of customization that custom fabrication does. The end result is a part that’s almost always incompatible with any existing equipment or machinery it might be used on, which makes it dangerous to use in the HVAC industry.

Custom fabrication allows you to ensure that your sheet metal parts will fit and function perfectly within your project, be it an HVAC system or otherwise. It’s the only way to know for sure that all your hard work and good intentions will pay off when everything is complete.

For more on the value of custom fabrication for sheet metal, or to learn about any of our metal fabrication, laser cutting or other services, speak to the pros at Cypress Metals today.